An update on the results of the window film for the medical transcriptionist

Just a very quick note to update anyone that might be curious from my post about the window film I installed (posted April 20th or so).

I am very happy to report that the regulars at the bus stop across the street from the window which I face as I work–I never catch them on the outside looking in anymore!  As the days and weeks have passed since I put up that window film, I have been free and happy to live behind my mirrored window with pleasure, not the yicky feeling I had of being watched as I worked. Funny how much of a difference a small thing like window film can make. If I’m working in the evening, I just shut my curtains.

I have occasionally watched the regulars at the bus stop, and they are never looking my way anymore. The odd newbie does, but that doesn’t matter anymore. They can’t see a thing!

~Pleasant May day to you!


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