Window glare problems for the Medical Transcriptionist

…Or, People Glare Problems for the Medical Transcriptionist Who Works from Home

Gila window film packaging closeup
THEE weapon to control both sun glare and eye stares!

I’ve been studying medical transcription for quite some time now.  For the past 8 months I have been studying in a small spare bedroom in my home that has ample light. And glare. The glare was so bad that I actually needed to block the light in order to not end up with a headache. I had nothing suitable to counter that glare but a large painting and two sheets of foam core.  That worked great, but it sure was embarrassing to have that junk seen by the bystanders at the bus stop directly across the street, along with the near constant busy traffic driving by.

Speaking of the bus stop bystanders, they also really seem to enjoy looking into my window. One time, before I started using the foam core to block out light, I was so tired of them always looking in, that I decided to ‘confront’ one of them…that’s right. I stared back for a change. Then she got her glare on at me. So this idea I’m sharing with you today could prove to be a dual-purpose solution for you as it is for me.

I knew the solution was to put up tinted window film to reduce the glare, and I tried looking for it at a hardware store where I could have received airmiles for my purchase, but that store didn’t carry it at all. I was quite surprised and disappointed about that.

Gila Window Film
Gila Window Film blocks heat and glare. Perfect for the Medical Transcriptionist who works at home!

I knew of one store that carried the product, and the reason why I knew they had it is because I already use clear, insulating window films on all of my windows in my house. I didn’t have a need back then for tinted window film as I do now. These clear films do a good job of keeping the heat out in summer and the heat in, in winter. I know this firsthand because I tested it on a hot summer day. I just peeled the film back and felt the bare window, which was hot, and compared that to the feeling of the part of the window that had the film on it, which was just mildly warm. It works. So, I went to that store just recently, to purchase some tinted window film. The store that carries it is Home Depot.

The brand is Gila, and the product is called Privacy Control Window Film.  It has a mirrored effect for daytime privacy.  I usually close curtains at night, so nighttime privacy is not a concern for me. Now that I have it up, I’m wondering why I take so long to do these little improvements.

pic of looking from inside to outside with the window film installed
Gila window film installed and looking from the inside out.

Now I can see out my window just fine without squinting, I can type comfortably at my computer, and I no longer have that ‘feeling’ when the people at the bus stop stare in my window while I type. They can’t help it, really. What are they going to do, stand with their backs to the street? And, I have to say, our lives inside the window view probably do appear pretty interesting at times, or should I say entertaining–especially in the early morning get-ready-for-school hours! You know what I mean! Anyway, it is an ugly feeling to have people staring in your window, and that’s where window tinting film becomes of even more benefit to me and my family. I am at ease now, knowing that no one can see me or my kids and know what we’re up to, and they can’t stand there and watch me type, either. I think I’ll do my daughter’s and son’s bedrooms next, and now I’m giving some thought to the neighbors’ side of our house (we’re on a corner lot).

A word about this product’s performance at night, if you don’t want people to see inside easily, be sure that you keep your window coverings closed, because people can see in quite clearly at night when it is dark outside but light inside. You can’t see a thing outside when it’s dark; this product works the opposite at night.

Looking out through the window film is not so bad, you don’t have to squint to look out at the world. Now I can properly rest my eyes after every 20 minutes of looking at the computer screen. As every good medical transcriptionist should do!

I originally thought that the look of the tinted window on my house would look bad, but now I think I was wrong about that. After putting it up in my first window and having a look, I think it actually looks pretty good. It gives off a nice mirrored effect, and to me, it doesn’t seem to throw off the color of our house, mind you, it can’t really–our house is white.  I actually like it. I don’t know why I didn’t want to do it before. Well, yes I do…I was afraid it would make our house look junky.

Gila window film installed
It doesn’t look bad at all. In fact, I now prefer the look of it to an ordinary window.

Now, the way it looks is one thing.  Putting it up is quite another. Even if it’s a small window, use 2 people. Read the directions completely and carefully, get out a yard stick and clear off and wash your kitchen or work table well, and follow the directions very carefully, step by step.  I didn’t use the solution the company sells and recommends. I used a spray bottle of clean water with one drop of liquid dish soap in it to spray the window and the film, and that worked great! But it’s at this point where you need two people. Once you separate the stuff, it’s going to want to curl up and stick to itself or anything or anyone nearby. So 2 people are recommended to make it a happy experience. Use the water very generously, and don’t apply it on a hot sunny day, the water will evaporate too quickly, causing the film to stick in all the wrong places.  You’ll also need a squeegee type instrument, or I’m told a plastic card will work to smooth out all the bubbles. I used a little squeegee I saved from the clear window films I applied several years ago, and sprayed water on the side that I was smoothing down.  That made it easier to smooth–the squeegee didn’t stick.

Wanna try it? Order Gila Privacy Control Window Film online. It’s very reasonably priced, and covers approximately 3 windows in one package. It comes in a 3×15 foot roll, and shipping is free at the time of this post.

I sit here and type and the sun has peeked out from behind the clouds, and the glare is not bothering me and I can see everything going on outside. Pleasant.


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