What is Medical Transcription?

I have been noticing when people ask me what I do, and I respond that I am currently studying medical transcription, I am often asked what medical transcription is. Today I would like to provide you with my definition of what a Medical Transcriptionist is and does.

Each time you visit the doctor, have a medical procedure performed or see a specialist, he or she has a legal responsibility to provide accurate documentation of what transpired over your visit. Sometimes the doctor will handwrite these notes. Sometimes their receptionist will type the notes.

More doctors these days are recording their documentation digitally and sending it in an audio file format over the internet to a company that employs medical transcriptionists to listen to the recording and type what the doctor said. There are many such companies all over the world.

In short, the medical transcriptionist (MT) types what the doctor said, checks for grammatical and spelling errors, formats the document into the correct medical document format, and returns the document to the transcription company. The document is then efficiently returned to the doctor’s office for filing into the patient’s medical record.

The MT can choose to work from home, or for a hospital, or a doctor’s office, or could even work on site at a transcription company.

It has been rumored that speech recognition software is going to cause medical transcription to become obsolete.  Not true. Speech recognition does not hinder the need for the medical transcriptionist because computers are not perfect, and someone human must edit what the speech recognition software wrote into the medical document. Humans do it better.

A medical transcriptionist is a specially trained individual and is considered a professional. A medical transcriptionist is not necessarily a secretary in a clinic. If you love to type, and you want to work at home, and if you are willing to learn, consider this option for your work-at-home career.

I am so looking forward to completing my studies and working from home. For me and my family, this is a perfect fit. Currently, I have the freedom to alter my study time around my family, and it’s working well. This is a good forecaster of what is to come once I am employed.

Any questions? Feel free to comment below. I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Have an awesome day!


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