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Solution: When the computer screen flips to the right or left: help for the medical transcription student

Today I was typing nice and fast, going at a good rate in my medical transcription course when all of a sudden my screen flipped to the right.  I was trying to hit the CTRL + Arrow key to jump ahead a word or two in my transcription screen.  I accidentally hit CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow, and everything went sideways! Even my desktop. The mouse still worked, just moved in opposite directions from how I tried to move it.  This is what my screen looked like (I’ve blurred my personal stuff for my protection):

computer screen went sideways
You type and you type and then this happens.

My computer screen flipped sideways when I hit the wrong keys. Here’s a very quick fix: CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow Key

There are several ways to undo this problem, but by far the quickest and easiest is this: CTRL + ALT + (up arrow key). Locate  these keys on your keyboard right now.

Try it now.  Just for fun…1…2…3… CTRL (press and hold), ALT (press and hold), RIGHT ARROW (press and release all).

Now to fix it,  press and hold CTRL, ALT, and press the UP ARROW, and release all keys.  Is your screen back to normal?  I’ll bet it is.  If not, try again making sure you’re pressing and holding CTRL and ALT, and then press the UP ARROW once, and then release all the keys.  Bookmark this page just in case this happens again and you’ve forgotten the solution.

Have an awesome day transcribing your medical audio!  I’ve got to get back to transcribing in my course before I fall behind.


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