Medical Transcription Learning Experience is Empowering on a Personal Level

I have to say again how glad I am that I decided to take a risk and try out medical transcription.  I am now over half-way through the theory part of my course at CanScribe and have yet to encounter my practicum work experience, which I am happy to report that I can complete even this at home!  Or not, if I so choose.  But I want to be at home, available to my family, so the at home option will suit me just fine!

I have worked in many different places over the years, and in many different types of work.   One would think I’m now too old to face another career change, and some days I wondered about that myself.  I now believe, since I’m halfway through the course and doing very well in it and enjoying it, that no–I’m not too old.  I’m in my 40s, and I’m finding that I can still learn like I did when I was younger. No, it’s not too late. I’m so glad.

I’m learning so much, not just about medical transcription, I’m learning what I am capable of.  I’m learning about how the medical profession works together to help us.  I’m getting better with grammar, I’m becoming a better spell checker–that will help me help my kids with school work.  I’m now beginning to better understand some of the health issues that I face, along with others, and some of the ways that a doctor might help.  I’m learning about signs and symptoms of different kinds of health problems, and I will be better able to know when to take my family to the doctor rather than put it off.  When I hear about other people’s health problems, I am way more empathetic than I ever was.

I do not profess at all to be a doctor or a professional on health issues, I will never attempt to ‘doctor’ or ‘treat’ someone.  But I am very thankful that I’m learning all that I am.  It really is useful stuff that I find is enriching my life.  My entire sphere of knowledge and understanding about the healthcare industry, disease, the human body and medications has grown and in the long run, I’m a better person for it because I’m being equipped with understanding.

Even just the other day when I saw one of my own doctors, I could fully understand what they were talking about. I was easily able to track and follow the things he said, the medication types that he mentioned, and the future course of action he was proposing to take.  I actually feel empowered and a part of the process now.  I can’t say I felt that way last year at this time.  I am so glad I am taking this course.


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